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Client Reviews

"Danna, Shira and the entire team did an absolutely incredible job assisting in our move into our new home. I would highly recommend their team! They facilitated the most incredible and seamless transition into our new spaces, listening and thinking carefully about how we would use the kitchen, closets and various storage areas around the house. We would definitely give more than 5 stars if it was an option! Thank you thank you thank you for everything you did for us."

"These women are magic makers and have the organizational super power many would dream of and desire. They not only organize your things, they make it simple to continue to maintain the organization. My garage, pantry, kitchen and wine bar are my happy places when before they were just a headache! Thank you for transforming our home!"

"Worth every penny💯 I had such a great experience with hiring Organize Dwell for my kitchen and playroom. They took the 2 most overwhelming rooms in our house and turned them into the most tranquil ones that we want to spend all our time in!!! If you’re going to do anything for your sanity let this be your sign, you won’t regret it. Shira and Danna are professional, experienced, I didn’t even need to be home!!! That’s how you know you’re in good hands. Thank you guys for working your magic in our house and making it a home🏡🏡."

"The experience was life changing. My wife hired them to organize our kitchen and pantry and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Very smooth process, professional and efficient. Thank you so much for your amazing work."

"My time with Danna & Shira was transformational! Having their help organizing my home office, entryway, and living room was truly life changing. I rediscovered items I had long forgotten I had and purging the items I no longer wanted felt so good. They truly made the process easy. Areas where I had been stuck (cluttered) for years, they transformed in two days. Their vision for how to organize my home was spot on! I am thrilled at the results of this project, and I can't wait to have them back to do more rooms."

"I hired Shira and Dana from Organized Dwell a few years ago to purge and organize my closets, pantry and garage. To say it was life changing is an understatement. No more wasted Sunday’s cleaning, frustrated kids looking for their things and overbuying pantry items because I couldn’t see my inventory. So when we moved to our new home last month it wasn’t even a question who I was going to hire to unpack and organize for us. I cannot recommend this team and their services enough. They are extremely professional and made my moving and organizing experience stress free!"

"We hired Organize Dwell to unpack for us after an out of state move and to set up our kitchen, pantry and closets. We are thrilled with the results. Everything is so well organized in a functional and beautiful way. They also established systems of where things belong and how to maintain order in our spaces going forward. Donna is calm, creative and brilliant and took the time to understand our family needs, priorities and what day to day life was like for us so that she could strategize with her team to best set up each space. I highly recommend this amazing crew. Our family is forever grateful to them for setting us up for success in our new home."

"Super happy from there service. I hired Organized Dwell to organize my home and help me with my moving from Plantation to Cooper City. They did an amazing job. I didn't need to be there and had all the headache was Organized. I love my new home and the way everything was put and Organized in the perfect place.
Highly recommended, professional and super nice! Thanks Thanks Thanks!"

"Danna and Shira are absolutely wonderful! I relocated my family to South Florida from out of state. I arrived with my kids one week after my moving truck arrived and my house was completely unpacked and organized perfectly. I was able to spend the first week in a new city exploring with my kids, instead of unpacking boxes and making multiple trips to the Container Store. They took the stress out of moving and I will definitely use them for my next move! They are amazing people and I would recommend them to anyone."

"Absolutely incredible! Danna and Shira are absolutely the best. They completely changed our space. We are extremely grateful for the amazing work they have done. Highly recommended, I wish we could give more than 5 stars!"

"Shira and Danna are superheroes to me. Their transformation of my spaces provided meaningful impact to our family.Their dynamics is what allows them to deliver life changing results. Thank you for all the hard work and allowing me to be super productive."

"The Transformation was jaw-dropping awe inspiring. My husband always complains about my spending, however this was one project he continue to notice the amazing work of everyday. My house has never been so organized in my life seems to be a lot more calm. I can’t think Organize Dwell team enough and I recommend them to any and everyone. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"We are so thrilled with our new and organized pantry! Organized Well was amazing to work with. Highly Recommended!"
Danna and Shira are the most incredible organizers we've ever used (and we've used several over the years because this is really not my strength). They are just so, so good at organizing things in a thoughtful, beautiful, well-labelled way. And they're super organized and responsive and helpful all around. Super super highly recommend them! If you're thinking of doing a project with them - just do it. You will be delighted! It brightens our day when we open our closets and cupboards and pantry now - it's such a joy and we appreciate them so much!


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