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Case Study


Project Type  Post move organization



The first phase involved a comprehensive assessment of the master bath's layout, notably the "his" and "her" sides. We strategized to optimize storage solutions on each side, ensuring that everyday products and toiletries were conveniently placed within easy-to-reach drawers or cabinets, while reserving lower and upper cabinets for backstock and less frequently used items.



In the second phase, we meticulously organized the toiletries based on their use and category, creating a systematic arrangement that facilitated quick retrieval and minimized clutter. Lazy susans were strategically incorporated to streamline access to everyday products and medication, enhancing functionality within the designated storage areas.



Finally, in the third phase, we tailored the organization system to accommodate the client's frequent travel habits. Recognizing the need for efficiency in packing, we designated a specific cabinet for all travel bags and toiletries, ensuring that everything needed for trips was easily accessible and consolidated in one convenient location. This approach aimed to simplify the packing process, making it more efficient and stress-free for the client.

Final Touches

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