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Case Study

His and Hers Closet

Project Type  Closet Organization



When tasked with organizing her smaller Miami residence closet, our client sought our expertise to optimize the limited space. We devised a strategic plan to distinguish between items to be stored in the main closet and those relegated to another room for less frequent use. Utilizing acrylic risers, we maximized shelf height for flat sandals, while shoes were meticulously categorized by type, color, and frequency of use, ensuring efficient and accessible storage within the compact closet layout.

Her Closet


Following the completion of a new closet installation by "Ornare Miami," the client sought further organization assistance, leading to a tailored in-home consultation to devise a system aligned with their lifestyle. Given the client's tall stature, everyday items were strategically positioned on higher and middle shelves, while winter clothing found its place in closed bins atop the shelves. Additional organization was achieved through the integration of dark gray baskets as makeshift drawers and the use of acrylic shelf dividers to maintain the alignment of sweaters and sweatshirts on glass shelves. Furthermore, shoes were meticulously organized by color and type, with placement determined by frequency of use to optimize accessibility within the revamped closet space.

His Closet

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