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Case Study

Dorado Beach -

Full House Move in

Project Type  Full House Move Out/In



Phase 1 involved a week-long stay at Dorado Beach, during which our team meticulously packed the client's entire home. We created a detailed inventory of the primary closet, including clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories, photographing items and sorting them by designer. QR codes were generated for easy reference until the move into the new home. Additionally, we developed an inventory of packed boxes for each room to prevent any items from being lost or misplaced.

Preparation and Packing


In Phase 2, we executed a full house move-out, ensuring that all items designated for storage, sale, or temporary housing were handled appropriately. This phase began with a client meeting to review items and make decisions about their personal needs.

Move Out


Phase 3 oversaw the transition process, ensuring a smooth move from the current home to the temporary housing. Collaboration with the design team ensured that organizing products aligned seamlessly with the overall design aesthetic, and we sourced these products from Miami, coordinating their shipment to PR.



Finally, Phase 5 oversaw the move-in process into the new home and finalized organization systems. Upon receiving the orders, we unpacked the client's personal belongings, categorizing them and creating easy-to-maintain organizational systems. The client's primary closet was styled and organized to resemble a boutique storefront. 

Move in & Finalization

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